Pawlett Sports & Playing Field Association/Pavilion Rules

1.  General Information

Pawlett Sports and Playing Field Association is a registered Charity responsible for the management of Pawlett Playing Field and The Pavilion.  The playing field is leased to the Association from Pawlett Parish Council.

The whole of the Pawlett Sports & Playing Field Association site is a sports complex with children’s play areas and is designated dog free.  Dog walkers will be asked to leave and dog walkers who are members may be brought to the attention of the committee who could place sanctions against them.

The football pitches, cricket pitches, 3G pitch and Pavilion function rooms are charged by the hour.  The children’s play area is free to use at all times.

The outdoor gym which has been provided and is managed by The Pawlett Parish Council is free to use at all times.

2.  Management of the Pawlett Sports and Playing Field Association (The Club)

The Club is run by a committee of volunteers.  

Whilst the Pavilion is open and in use there is a designated person responsible for the health and safety of the premises, this will usually be the bar manager on duty or the nominated key holder for that shift.  They are responsible for all aspects of building security and safety issues.  Should any member wish to raise concerns about the behaviour of another, an activity taking place, or concern about the validity of someone using the facilities this should be raised with the person on duty who will take appropriate action. 

3.  Membership

The Club is primarily for residents of the Parish of Pawlett but takes membership from surrounding  towns and villages.  Applications from prospective members is not subject to election, however, details will be reported to the Committee where any concern about an application may be raised and considered.  Membership is open to all but is always at the sole discretion of the committee.

Prospective members should ask at the bar for a membership form or download one from the Pavilion website. Applications for membership should be returned to the Pavilion completed in full along with the current membership fee.  The subscription fee shall be determined from time to time by the Committee, charged on joining and thereafter by 31st January annually.  If fees are not paid by the end of January each year then the committee reserve the right to annul membership.

4.  Use of Club Facilities

The use of the Club facilities shall be restricted to Members, Members Guests, Visitors and on occasion Non Members.

Members Guests – those invited by a member to use the facilities at the Club.  No guest shall be admitted on more than six occasions in a 12 month period.  Visitors’ details will be recorded in the guest book.  No person whose application for membership has been rejected or who has been suspended from the Club shall be introduced into the Club as a guest.

Visitors – players, officials and members of visiting clubs or teams attending a game or match organised at the Club.

Non Members – are permitted to attend functions organised by the Club or private functions organised by Members up to 12 times per year.  Club functions are clearly advertised as open to non members. Guests should be signed in at all other times to comply with our Club Premises Certificate.

Under 18s are the responsibility of and must always be accompanied by a responsible adult whether it be a Member, Member’s Guest, visitor or Non Member. 

5.  Behaviour

Our constitution states that it is the aim of the Club to encourage participation, comradeship, fitness and sportsmanship amongst its members and playing opponents.  Members and their guests should therefore behave in line with these aims.

There should be no intimidation or harassment of staff, members or guests by another member or members.  Any person using the Club facilities who is acting in a violent or threatening manner, or in any way the Bar Manager feels is inappropriate will be required to leave the premises immediately and their membership will be suspended pending investigation by the committee. 

The Pavilion has a zero tolerance policy to drugs. The Police will be called to help remove anyone caught taking or dealing drugs from the premises. This may include arrest. Any evidence including cctv footage will be passed to the Police to help secure a possible conviction. Any person suspected of drug taking will be immediately suspended from entering the site and could have a life ban imposed upon them pending investigation by the Committee.

If allegations are made, a person or persons nominated by the committee will investigate the matter.  The committee will decide what action to take based on the findings of the investigation.  Each situation is judged on its own merits and action could take many forms such as a fixed term suspension or in the case of serious incidents result in termination of membership.  Members will always be given the opportunity to reply to any allegations, however, the Committee decision is final in all cases.  Any disciplinary action will be conveyed to the member in writing. 

“The Committee shall have the right for good and sufficient reason to terminate the membership of any member provided that the member shall have the right to be heard by the Committee before a decision is made”                

Excerpt from the Pawlett Sports and Playing Field Association 1997 Constitution.

6.  Sale of Alcohol

The sale of alcohol is restricted to Members, Members Guests and Visitors.  This is extended to Non Members at Non Member events only so as to comply with our Club Premises Certificate.

Under no circumstances will alcohol be sold to, or allowed to be, consumed on the premises by those under 18 years of age.  Staff are required to ask for proof of age before selling alcohol for consumption.  Anyone found to be supplying alcohol to under age drinkers will be asked to leave and if they are a member will have their membership suspended immediately pending investigation by the Committee.  Individuals supplying minors with alcohol will be reported to the police.

7.  Complaints and suggestions

If you wish to make a complaint or offer a suggestion please put this in writing to the Secretary who will ensure the matter is brought to the attention of the Committee.  Correspondence can be left behind the Bar or can be posted in the letterbox on the external wall of the premises near the car park.