“Why do I have to be signed in or join as a member? Why can’t I just come in for a drink? I came to a gig the other night and didn’t have to be signed in.”

We have a Club Premises Certificate which allows us to sell alcohol and other beverages solely to Members, their Guests and Visitors as stated in our rules. This is extended to Non Members at Non Member events only so as to comply with our Club Premises Certificate.

“My dog is really well trained and I always clean up after him. Why can’t I bring him onto the field while I sit and have a drink?”

The whole of the Pavilion site is a sports complex with children’s play areas and is designated dog free. We understand that most dogs are well cared for and only a small minority of owners don’t clean up after them but we cannot make an exception to ensure our sports participants and children are kept free from animal faeces.